Pay Attention To Logistics If You Want To Have Safe Food On The Consumer Table.

When we go to the grocery store or order food online, we usually don't think much about how it got there. But behind the scenes, there's a whole system at work to make sure the food we eat is safe. This system is called logistics, and it plays a crucial role in...

Traceability In The Food Value Chain.

Have you ever wondered how manufacturers recall products when there's a risk of damage, disease outbreak, or adulteration? That's where traceability systems come into play, and I will explain how they work using a simple illustration. Traceability helps in tracking...

Meat Types And Their Associated Health Concerns Across Age Groups.

This week's subject of discussion "Meat types and their associated health concerns across age groups", generated opinions on various meat types; and their 'pros' and 'cons' associated with health effects across different age groups. The discussion focused on different...

Curbing the Looming Hunger Crisis: Our Opinions as Food Professional.

This Week on Food Matters. This week's subject of discussion generated opinions on identifying factors affecting food production and security. Highlighted points are as follows: Government Roles Identified: • Addressing insecurity issues like clashes between farmers...

NIFST-Lagos Chapter Wins Nigerian Media Award.

The Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Lagos Chapter emerged the winner of the "Most Innovative and Active Professional Body in Nigeria" award at the Nigeria Media Nite Out Awards ceremony held on Sunday, 29th October 2023 at the renowned Lagos Airport...


OVERVIEW Over the years, so much emphasis has been placed on packaged foods certified by government regulatory bodies and so much neglect on street foods which is more patronized than packaged foods. This became a great concern for NIFST as the processing and handling...

Safer Approaches to Domestic Water Treatment

Water is LIFE. A large portion of our body is water. It aids in transporting essential nutrients through our body. Imagine using unsafe water to perform all these functions - unimaginable diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and so on. In the 60s and the early part of the...

Lagos Chapter Shines at 47th NIFST National Conference.

It's a trio of celebrations for us at the just concluded 47th NIFST National Conference/AGM held at Umuahia, Abia State. The Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) held its 47th National Conference/AGM at the International Conference Center between...

Stop Saying, “Disease no Dey Kill Africans”

Your choice of food is a strong determinant of how healthy you will be, so don't think you are immune to diseases because of your race and color. Eating unsafe food might not come with immediate symptoms of sickness but they do have long-term effects when continually...

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