Achieving Healthy Nutrition Lifestyle In Nigeria With The Current Food Inflation: Alternatives And Way Forward.

Feb 1, 2024 | Food Matters | 2 comments

This week on Food Matters; discussions on achieving a healthy nutrition lifestyle in Nigeria amidst food inflation brought up some interesting points.

An emphasis on the importance of home gardening and farming to combat the rampant use of harmful chemical fertilizers, and promoting safer and healthier organic farming practices was one of the major contributions. People’s experience with subsistence farming at home, indicating the avoidance of harmful fertilizers and carbide were among the take-home of this week’s discussion.

Is home farming a feasible practice? A resounding YES was a response amid discussion, with highlighted instances of major beating bottle necks; such as practicing home farming in rented apartments, “home gardening is viable and feasible, with some vegetables grown in pots” said a participant. The current food inflation was also seen as a blessing in disguise by some, leading to a reduction in consumption of unhealthy foods like sodas and snacks, and a shift towards healthier options like green leafy vegetables, fruits, and grains.

To address food inflation, suggestions included supporting local farmers through home gardening, adopting sustainable farming practices, and reducing food waste. Additionally, strategies to reduce post-harvest losses were discussed, such as improving storage facilities, implementing proper handling and transportation practices, and utilizing efficient processing techniques like drying, freezing, canning, and fermenting. These approaches aim to preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of agricultural products.


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    With the rising economic cost and subsequent rise in cost of food and beverages, eating healthy is the way to go, after all, healthy feeding amd lifestyle keeps the doctors away.

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    In reality, Nigerians can still achieve healthy nutrition despite the current food inflation. Good nutrition is not based on large quantities of meals but the quality of nutrients in the meal which is also impacted by processing methods. Moderate size swallow with lots of vegetable is healthy. Consumption of fruits as fillers in place of snacks is the way to go now for a healthy life!


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