Food Scientists To Bear CFSN Title: A New Dawn In Food Science and Technology Profession

Sep 26, 2023 | Industry News | 1 comment

The NIFST Lagos chapter’s meeting train landed in Ikorodu on Sunday, 24th September, 2023 at the citadel of excellence, the Lagos State University of Science and Technology for the September chapter’s meeting.

Members were charged with a captivating call to action presentation by Engr. Dr. Edith Alagbe. She began her presentation by illustrating the importance of having both management and technical skills in the food science and technology profession. She emphasized the need for us to elevate our self-esteem and strive for professional improvement, drawing parallels to the journey of an accountant becoming a chartered accountant.

One of the major points made during the presentation was the idea of higher earning potential after achieving chartered status. She highlighted that being chartered not only adds value to our products but also ourselves as professionals. This, in turn, opens up new career opportunities.

The speaker then delved into what comes after obtaining chartered status. She outlined several advantages, including a wider impact on our work and the transformation from a local brand to an international one. She stressed the increased potential for collaboration with professionals from around the world, as being chartered grants us access and credibility on a global scale.

Furthermore, she emphasized that chartered professionals gain insights into relevant business trends through continuous skill development and training. This, she explained, allows us to provide immediate solutions within our organizations and even transition into consulting roles after retirement.

Dr. Alagbe used the analogy of balloons to illustrate the importance of how we present ourselves as chartered professionals. Just as balloons come in various shapes and designs, we should strategically package our chartered status to stand out in the field.

In her concluding remarks, she left us with a powerful message about choosing our associations wisely. She encouraged us to surround ourselves with those who uplift and inspire us, comparing it to the choice between clucking with chickens or soaring with eagles. She urged us to work together to make food science and technology more recognized in Nigeria.

The presentation concluded with an image of a child waking up, symbolizing that regardless of age or experience, it’s never too late to pursue professional growth.

Also, Dr. Bola Osinowo – National Vice President I, NIFST, quoted “Upon registration and approval by NiCFoST, NIFSTers are awarded a practicing license, which would enable us to use the CFSN (Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria) title.

In summary, her presentation was inspiring and enlightening. It emphasized the significance of becoming chartered professionals in food science and technology, showcasing the benefits of increased earning potential, global recognition, and continuous personal growth.

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    This is a very good development, I’m so happy to hear this. Indeed food scientists and technologists deserve to be more recognized in Nigeria.


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