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Oct 3, 2023 | Food Matters | 2 comments


According to an alleged report in the comment section of our Food Matters Forum last week, it was revealed that some cleaners are collecting empty water bottles used by patients in hospitals. Unfortunately, it was discovered that some patients with contagious diseases like tuberculosis, Hepatitis A&B, Measles, etc. were salivating and urinating into these bottles. These contaminated bottles are being sold to people who make drinks like zobo, tiger nut drinks, and kunu. This poses a serious health risk to consumers, as they may contract life-threatening diseases from these contaminated drinks. Everyone needs to be cautious and informed about the source of the bottled drinks they purchase, including bottled groundnut.

Corrective Action Call:

In hospitals, everyone should learn how to prevent infections. But in Nigeria, many hospitals don’t do this. We need to follow infection control to save lives in hospitals. Outside hospitals, Environmental Health Officers are crucial to stop this problem. We must make strict rules for waste disposal. Politics and policies also matter. But the most important thing is to educate the public about health.

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    Hospital waste should ordinarily be tagged as posing a threat to Pubic Health and should therefore not be allowed to be carted away by individuals for re-use

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    All that is required is diligence on the part of hospital management and other medical allies. I do not know of other states but I know Lagos State has a designated waste disposal system for medical wastes be it from hospitals or laboratories or any medical outfit. These wastes are also separated. Hence it may be difficult for cleaners to be involved in such.
    Nevertheless, continuous training and monitoring of cleaners are important (even for their own safety)


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