NIFST Lagos Chapter Rolls Out Plans For 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | Industry News | 1 comment

Today’s meeting can best be summarized as super in all its matrix. It has set a major milestone and roadmap for the Chapter this 2024. Major appointments and programs have been set for the year. There is something for every NIFSTer to latch on to – the Street Food Safety Committee, the new NIFST Food Investigation Committee, REFIST/NIFST Day, Thematic Groups, Welfare Committee, and Chapter Digital Platforms Committee. There is a place for everyone, just situate yourself and we will have an extraordinary year.

Mighty thanks to all NIFSTers at today’s 1st Meeting of the Year.

Special thanks to our Fellows and Elders.

Our Super Host over the years – our Leader- Mr. Sola Olawale.
The meals were mouthwatering. May your purse never run dry, Sir.

The Chapter should please help me thank our indefatigable and winning EXCO Team for their unwavering and uncrushable commitment to NIFST. All this planning is the brainchild of our EXCO. God bless you, Family.

Let’s come together again next month as NAFDAC hosts the Chapter in February.

Aina Olugbenga Stephen
NIFST-Lagos Chapter.


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    NIFST Lagos Chapter is on the move again, let’s join hands together to achieve great milestones this year .


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