Safe Food Starts with Safe Workers.

May 18, 2024 | Articles | 0 comments

Olasumbo Olagoke -Komolafe

Let’s celebrate everyone in the food industry who keeps us safe and fed. However, food safety is not solely about delivering the final product to consumers, it begins with the well-being of our workers.

When food handlers are safe and healthy, they’re better equipped to ensure the food they prepare is safe for everyone. Let’s prioritize a safe work environment with proper training, equipment, and well-being initiatives. Staff welfare should also be a priority.

Regular maintenance, clear safety protocols, and a focus on preventing accidents and injuries minimize the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks. Open communication, reporting safety concerns, and valuing employee well-being foster a culture where everyone feels responsible for food safety.

Together, we can build a food industry where worker safety and food safety are intertwined!

Recognize employees who go above and beyond to keep themselves and others safe. Ongoing food safety and workplace safety training empower workers and promote best practices. Promote work-life balance, flexible scheduling, and mental health resources to create a thriving and resilient workforce.

Measures that can ensure the safety of workers in the food industry include providing personal protective equipment and a robust health insurance scheme to keep workers healthy and safe. Additionally, a work environment that promotes safety, staff welfare, and well-being can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Let’s continue the conversation. Share your thoughts on how to create a safer, healthier food industry for all.

Olasumbo Olagoke -Komolafe

Olasumbo Olagoke -Komolafe

Head, Quality Control & Assurance | Certified QMS Lead Auditor | MNIFST | FSMS | HSE (NEBOSH- IGC).


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