Stop Saying, “Disease no Dey Kill Africans”

Oct 16, 2023 | Articles | 0 comments

Immaculata Onah

Your choice of food is a strong determinant of how healthy you will be, so don’t think you are immune to diseases because of your race and color. Eating unsafe food might not come with immediate symptoms of sickness but they do have long-term effects when continually consumed.

A careful selection of food and deep concern for what we eat and how it is prepared either indoors or outdoors will go a long way in keeping us safe at all times.

Every stage of growth from infancy to old age has a nutritional need that only comes from food and it needs to be taken seriously. know yourself and your health status, choose foods that nourish your body as well as support your health, and don’t ignore foods you are allergic to.

Whenever you choose food products from the grocery stores, please pay attention to the information on the pack, and when you go to buy foodstuffs from the open market, choose hygiene and safety without being attracted by how cheap it is.

Always remember you are what you eat and when you don’t eat your food as medicine then you will eat your medicine as food.

Immaculata Onah

Immaculata Onah

Food Technologist | Head of Food Processing and Packaging at CSS Group Nigeria | Professional Member- NIFST, Abuja Chapter.


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