Why Do Food Get Spoilt In The Fridge Or Freezer? A Focus on Food Spoilage and Preservation: The Temperature Effect.

May 12, 2024 | Food Matters | 0 comments

This week’s discussion on Food Matters focused on Factors responsible for food spoilage in a cold storage system (refrigerator or freezer)

Focal Question:
Are foods in the refrigerator or freezer susceptible to spoilage?

In an example shared about spoiled yogurt despite being stored in the refrigerator. It was emphasized that food can still spoil inside the fridge or freezer due to factors like power failure or improper storage. The effect of temperature on food shelf life was discussed, along with tips such as storing food in smaller containers for better air circulation.

Additionally, it was advised not to store hot food directly in the fridge or freezer and to allow it to cool first. Factors contributing to food spoilage were listed, including temperature, humidity, storage conditions, and handling practices. Proper storage, handling, and maintenance were highlighted as key to minimizing food spoilage. Crystals formation from moisture content in food, especially in meats and fish stored for a long time in the freezer, was also mentioned as a cause of spoilage.


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